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Perfect tips for homeowners in cleaning carpets! Find out how you can keep your rugs at home healthy but also how to distinguish authentic handmade ones!

  • Use soft damp mop for weekly tile floor cleaning

    This is an effective way to pick up dust and dirt particles and to prevent them from getting down into the pores of the tiles. The experts of Carpet Cleaning Tujunga recommend that you brush the floors with the mop instead of using circular motion. If you decide to use any type of commercial cleaner, you must confirm that it is safe for the type of tiles that you have.

  • Keep Pets Away

    Pets fur clings on to anything inside the house, and it especially finds its way to the rugs. Even if you love your pets, a rug full of pet fur is considered dirty and should be cleaned. There are also some indoor pets that like using the rugs as their personal toilet bowl, making rug cleaning quite the chore. Just do not allow them on the rugs.

  • Get authentic handmade rugs

    Investing in handmade Persian rugs is great but you need to be sure that your oriental rugs are really authentic. Handmade rugs are dense and have very intense colors. You can tell the difference with machine-made ones if you turn them on their back side. Make sure the edges are stitched in hand and the fringes are actually the endings of threads and not added later.

  • Keep your rugs healthy

    There are many recipes for keeping oriental rugs healthy and the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Tujunga can be very helpful. Persian rugs are sensitive. They need to be vacuumed with gentle movements and the fringes must be hand washed. It would be prudent to keep them away from sun exposure and water pipes. Be careful when choosing ecofriendly products. Try them out first to avoid ruining the colors.

Carpet Cleaning Tujunga

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