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Do you have questions about carpet cleaning methods?

How often should I replace my carpets?

It would depend on the type of carpets, foot traffic and their condition. Oriental rugs, for example, are supposed to last for many years, even generations but this would be possible only through good rug cleaning according to Carpet Cleaning Tujunga. Wall-to-wall carpets should be replaced if there is irreparable water damage or terrible stains, which would not come off. Children would need new rugs often because they cannot have cartoons when they are fifteen.

How dangerous is mold for carpets?

Mold can create irreparable damage to all carpets since it develops due to high quantities of moisture. Carpets will rot, if they are not dried and mold removal does not take place on time with the right ecofriendly products. Mold will actually kill the fibers and will stink. If it expands greatly, odor removal will be almost impossible. It will be also dangerous to your health since you can be infected with skin allergies.

Will all the stains on my carpet go away when cleaned professionally?

While we do not doubt the skill of our Carpet Cleaning Tujunga technicians, we cannot guarantee that every single stain on your carpet will be gone by the time we finish cleaning. In fact, there are stains that can permanently damage your carpet.

Is there a better carpet cleaning method?

While carpet steaming is now a common method of carpet cleaning, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best. Other carpets have specific ways of cleaning them, according to our experts. To maintain the quality of your carpet, know the most suitable carpet cleaning method for it.

Are all kinds of rugs and carpets safe for carpet cleaning?

Most carpet materials share common physical traits. The fibrous nature of carpet materials, be they organic or man-made, mean that most of the soil material that get into the roots of these fibers are difficult to clean by conventional home methods. Modern cleaning services use specialized machinery made for all kinds of carpet and rug materials.

Is it safe to vacuum wool rugs?

Some models with a shorter pile are safe to vacuum, provided that you adjust the beater bar to the highest possible setting. Still, for maximum safety, you will benefit from using a carpet sweeper for cleaning wool rugs. Shaking and beating can also help. With annual deep cleaning, you will keep these rugs in perfect condition for a long time to come.

Carpet Cleaning Tujunga

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