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Things You Should Remember about Kids' Rugs

03/27/2014 Back To Blog

Things You Should Remember about Kids' RugsThe needs of children change as they grow old and that's why the criteria for choosing the right rugs for their room and the procedures of rug cleanup differ from having to choose for the rest of the house. Furthermore, the basic concern of all parents is maintaining the kids' rooms perfectly clean and for this reason you must give attention to the materials used and the frequency of carpet cleanup because the latter would be essential for the removal of harmful microorganisms and the avoidance of allergies.

Since the cleaning procedures must be repeated often in the rooms of the young ones, you should make your life easier by picking medium height fibers, which would also be strong enough to endure daily cleaning.

Which carpets to choose

* Wall to wall carpets are the easiest and most inexpensive solution but it won't be the best idea when the time for carpet protection comes and you would need to vacuum well both sides of the carpet to ensure full air freshening.

* You might love handmade rugs but you need to remember that they are not suitable for these rooms. Children want intense colors, playful motifs or even educational designs, which would inspire, cultivate and intensify their curiosity and imagination. Don't forget that kids love to eat and use markers a lot and it would be a pity to see the expensive wool carpets getting destroyed.

Forget about strong carpet cleaning detergents

Children of young ages spend most of the day on carpets and, sometimes, they also put their mouth on the floor. For this reason, all rugs must be perfectly clean, carpet spot extraction necessary and you must never use any detergents containing chemicals.

* Sometimes, stain elimination is effective with plain water but if it doesn't come off, you should prefer natural products like vinegar.

* If the kid's rug starts smelling bad, use some cooking soda. You can spread it in the night and vacuum the residues in the morning but the kid must sleep in another room. It is great for odor elimination.

It is good to replace the rug every few years since children's tastes and requirements change fast and it's the best way to ensure air sanitization.

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