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How to Choose Carpets for New Homes

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

Furniture and carpets at home will not only determine the internal decoration of your house but also the easiness of carpet and upholstery cleaning. These are objects, which are not replaced often, and families must learn to live for them for years. So, you must devote some time to think ways of combining things you like with things, which also make your life easy. It would be easy, for instance, to take care of Persian rugs in a house of two without much foot traffic while large families would need better solutions to make cleaning a piece of cake.How to Choose Carpets for New Homes

Which is the best carpet for you?

* Wall to wall carpets come out in very beautiful colors and can cover large areas giving a sense of uniformity and tranquility in the house without making residential carpet cleaning difficult. There are also carpets with long, soft fibers and although these are perfect for your naked feet, they would give you trouble with stains. In fact, stain removal would be harder because the dirt would be absorbed quickly at the bottom of the long fibers.

* Pay attention to the colors of carpets and choose soft, earthy colors because they would allow you to relax and create a sense of peacefulness at home. The colors used for simple carpets are artificial but you should still avoid using strong, chemical detergents since they would affect your health according to the specialists at Carpet Cleaning Tujunga. It would be better to choose natural, homemade products. At older days, experienced housewives used vinegar for sofa and carpet stain removal but only if you clean the stain at once.

* Avoid placing carpets in the bathroom and kitchen to avoid moisture and mold expansion. Tiles are inexpensive and practical and tile cleaning is easy.

* If you have an office at home or want to create a cosy corner, place wool rugs. You need to be extra careful with their cleaning though because their colors are natural and require good quality, mild detergents.

*• For the kid's room you should prefer vivid colors and medium height fibers to make carpet maintenance easy and awake the imagination of children.

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